Control systems for industry applications

Programmed-technical complex APR SUPL SIAP (automatic power regulator, system for unloading of power limitation, system for industrial antiseismic protection)
It is intended for replacement of equipment of nuclear power plants, which service period is expired.
  • three-channel complex with shock-free failure recovery;
  • uninterrupted operative control for failures of technical means with level of diagnostics up to 1-2 typical replacement assemblies;
  • archiving, visualization and documentation of technical processes and own failures.
Complex diagnostic system (CDS) for main technological equipment of nuclear power plants (NPP)
It is intended for automatic diagnostics of main technological equipment and modes of NPP operation in order to enhance safety, reliability and providing guaranteed supply of electricity.

Major characteristics:
  • It is integrated with automatic system for control of technological process, technical and administrative services, it is associated with other systems of NPP;
  • it is a basic system providing simplicity of re-configuration, increase of number of subsystems, unification of set of technical means of measuring sections of subsystems;
  • it provides functional completeness of diagnostics of equipment, including monitoring, prediction, creation of databases, archives, documenting and reporting;
  • it is based on standard hardware and software environment, providing quick adoption and debugging of the complex due to tested hardware and software, compatibility and modularization.
Components of the CDS (sub-systems for diagnostics of equipment):
  • DIKOR – body of reactor, vessels, pipe-lines of the 1st circuit;
  • DIREK – in-reactor devices;
  • DIGLAC – main circulating pumps;
  • DIPSUZ – actuators of system for control and protection of reactor;
  • DIAR 1,2 – armature (stationary and movable means);
  • DIVIB – vibration of shaft line and supports of turbine-driven set;
  • DIMEH-1 – vibration of rotary mechanisms (stationary means).
Universal consoles for remote centralized control, loading and displaying of information of track facilities of railways
They are developed with participation of Kharkov State Academia of railway transport, JS “Institute Kharkov Promproekt” and Yuzhnaya railway.

Functions and main characteristics:
  • replacement of out-date equipment;
  • simplicity in support, convenience in usage;
  • clear representation of information;
  • high reliability and modern design;
  • minimum power consumption;
  • flexibility and simplicity in modification, considering features of different railway stations and their future developments.
  • informational panel with mimic scheme of real object, three-color indication and key token with electric mechanical blocking;
  • console with controls and microprocessor for processing of signals, generation of control commands and consideration of number of operations;
  • operator’s working place with set of tools, spare parts, box for storage of documents.
Technical characteristics:
  • number of switch points to be operated – up to 30;
  • number of commands – more than 100;
  • power supply of direct current – 24 (+7, – 3) V;
  • power consumption – 100 Watt.
Control and management automated system by nuclear subcritical equipment «Neutrons source» (CMAS NSE NS)
CMAS NSE intended for providing of NSE equipment normal exploitation, timely exposure of deviations from normal exploitation due to safety parameters control and automatic realization of defence and blocking which prevent outgrowing of normal exploitation violations in emergency situations by the accelerator shutdown.

Systems of CMAS NSE, developed by RPI HARTRON-ARKOS:
  • defence and blocking system;
  • control system by the cooling contours equipment;
  • excerpt pool technological parameters control system;
  • information-calculating system;
  • technological system of the signaling and notification;
  • control stand CMAS.
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